Monday, September 21, 2009


I asked for it, I got it. We've been overrun by tomatoes.

I really wanted to plant a lot of tomatoes. I grew up in NJ, and if you know anything about NJ, you will understand my feelings about tomatoes. I love them. And I hardly ever find ones as yummy as I remember them growing up. So, this year, I wanted to plant a bunch of plants to make sure that I would get to eat as many as I wanted and with the hopes that some of them would taste as good as NJ. I planted 5 plants in the raised bed....2 containers full....and then the other 2 hanging pots....and now, I'm in trouble. Right now, they are taking over. For a while it was zucchini...stuffed, baked, grilled, in bread, with chocolate....but now, tomatoes are in... they've crowded out the eggplant, have taken over a whole bed, and are starting to encroach upon the corn.

I've been picking about a large basketful every night after work. They are mostly the large cherry tomatoes, so even though that is a lot, it's not quite enough for we're eating them. Tomatoes in salad...salsa....roasted tomatoes....tomato bean casserole....tomato bean soup....tomato fritatta.....shall I go on? My new favorite cherry tomato recipe is to put them in a baking dish with some olive oil, garlic and basil and bake them for about an hour. They are so rich and sweet - like candy, but better. They are all good, especially the bigger heirloom ones, but I have to say, I don't think I will plant quite so many next year.

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