Tuesday, August 18, 2009

breaking ground

So, here is the beginning of my attempt to document some of our experiments in urban farming. It all started I guess about four years ago when M. and I bought this little Craftsman house in Oakland. After much cajoling from our more real estate savvy friends, we were convinced that buying a house and "flipping" it in a few years was the only way to afford to buy some rural land where we could try to farm. So, for way too much money, we got this house, got married, had a kid, and as the economy slowly crumbled, realized we had no chance of selling our property for anything near what we owed on it. Hmmm. Stuck.
So, we were pretty grumpy about that for about a year or so, and somewhere in the last 9 months decided that rather than grumble, we'd try to just do some of our farming projects here on our .08 of an acre in the middle of urban Oakland.
And now comes the blog where I'm hoping to track some of our experiments and write a little bit about the process and progress of our lives. Wish us luck.